Work-life balance

Family & Work

Schools closed during summer: what balance for three months? 
We promote a series of educational, fun and recreational activities that target children.

Together with  Distretto famiglia (ita), we try to devise services and opportunities that will enable working at one’s best and managing the fragile balance between time devoted to the care of family members and that dedicated to work:

  • summer kids initiatives (ita)

  • nursery room 

  • language workshop for children (ita)

  • "Family lunch", possibility to use FBK’s corporate cafeteria with one’s own family members.


Life & Work

All our activities are marked by the passing of time, but time devoted to household chores... could be used in a different way! We offer some ''time saving services'' that help balance private and work life:

Key to Health

Key to Health (ita) project is a business welfare services dedicated to promote healthy lifestyle in order to prevent cardiovascular desease and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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Bruno Kessler

Human Resources

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Human Resources


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